Only natural ingredients
High in protein
No sugar added
High in fibers

A fantastic meal

EatSmart365 is real food made from natural plant-based ingredients. You mix it with water, plant-based milk or regular milk, shake and you are ready for a delicious super healthy meal with 31 vitamins and minerals. 

Our shakes are real food handmade by former Noma chef Jens.

Free delivery to selected countries on orders above 40 €.

Free shaker bottle with first order (value 7€).

100% happiness guarantee. Love our products or we will refund your product cost.

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Recommended by experts

"EatSmart365 is a perfect meal and can also be used as an alternative to a protein shake.

The shakes provide a lot of vegan protein, which helps you build muscle. The high amount of fiber from oatmeal stabilises your blood sugar and improves your digestion. EatSmart365 products also contain lots of essential fatty acids from flax seeds and other ingredients.

The taste of EatSmart365 is perfectly natural and with no refined sugar.

I highly recommend EatSmart365" ❤

Rikkemaija, Personal Trainer & Bachelor in global nutrition and health

eatsmart365 ambassadors

Marcus Ingvartsen

Football Player. Mainz 05

I use EatSmart365 on a daily basis. EatSmart365 gives me everything I need in a healthy meal. In the morning I take a shake and can also use EatSmart in a Smoothie.

Henrik Dalsgaard

Football Player. F.C Midtjylland

EatSmart365 is a regular routine in a very busy combat program. It really is a good and easy way to get a lot of fiber, minerals and carbohydrates soon after battle.

Mathias Ross

Football Player. AAB

For me, EatSmart 365 has become a routine in my everyday life. I primarily use the product when I need a light and healthy snack, or as a supplement to a protein shake after training.

Gustav Bock

Elite Kayaker

My name is Gustav and I am 18 years old. I am an elite kayaker on the Danish national team. In addition, I go to 3rd grade at Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium. I exercise several times every day and need an incredible amount of calories.

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Hitting snooze too many times? Rushing to meetings? Always busy with work? What to eat? Probably you just grab whatever, which is most likely not healthy and also expensive. Don't worry, you are not alone.

EatSmart365 provides a balanced, healthy meal. Any time, any place and at an affordable price.

Eating Smart makes your body and mind sharp.

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Natural ingredients and a perfectly balanced nutritional profile

EatSmart365 is the optimal plant-based meal with all of the carbohydrates, protein, fats, fiber, and 31 essential micronutrients your body and mind need to thrive.

We use super healthy ingredients such as oats, flaxseeds, chia seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, sea buckthorn, black currants and flavoured with high quality Valrhona chocolate, raspberry, banana, coconuts and coffee.

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made by our top chef Jens

The story behind EatSmart365

EatSmart365 produces high-quality food that is easy to prepare and enjoy. 

Our products are made by our top chef Jens who used to work at the best restaurants in Copenhagen. 

Our products are real food and made of natural ingredients and we are certain that you will love them.

Our story

Experts recommend Eatsmart365

Overlæge Mads Bundgaard

Speciallæge i kirurgiske mave og tarmsygdomme

"EatSmart365 is a carefully balanced meal with an optimal nutritional composition. As a specialist in gastrointestinal surgery, I meet many who eat incorrectly and therefore have a poor quality of life.

Personlig træner Rikkemaija

Personlig træner med en Bachelor i global ernæring og sundhed

EatSmart365 is a really good meal and can also be used as an alternative to a protein shake. I have a busy work life with clients all day. EatSmart365 is an easy meal that I can drink with a clear conscience and enjoy all the nourishment it provides my body.