Pure Almond

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With Pure Almond you can shake up your own complete and delicious meal in seconds. Just mix it with water, milk or plant-based milk and enjoy your balanced, affordable, and tasty alternative to unhealthy junk food.

Pure Almond has a delicious mild nutty taste and is perfect if you want extra protein. Pure Almond has a high protein content with 21.7 g protein per meal. We only use vegan protein sources, namely peas, rice and almond.

Pure Almond also has a low sugar content and is a perfect meal after a workout. 

The mild taste makes Pure Almond perfect for making your own variants. Blend with fresh or frossen fruit and you get your own unique EatSmart365. 

Our handmade powder provides you with everything your body needs in the perfect amounts. It contains essential vitamins and minerals, complex carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber. Your EatSmart365 meal is lactose-free and vegan. It is made of natural ingredients only and is high in fibers, which is great for your stomach and digistion.    

The resealable 1.5 kg bag contains 16,5 full meals from only €2.34 per meal.

Free delivery to selected countries on orders above €50.

Unique happiness guarantee. Love our products or we will refund your product cost.

The shakes are packed with 100% plant-based ingredients that your body can never get too much of. 

Oats, flaxseeds, chia seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, sea buckthorn, black currants and flavored with high quality Valrhona chocolate, raspberry, banana, coconuts and coffee.


Michael and Peter both had busy lives, often eating emergency food on the run that was both unhealthy and expensive. Just like all their friends, they were making bad food choices simply because they had no alternative. “We all wanted to eat healthily but, due to lack of opportunity, we were consuming junk food instead”. So, Michael and Peter decided it was time for a change and went to their good friend, Jens, to ask for help. Jens had experience working as a chef in some of the best restaurants in the world, including NOMA in Copenhagen and for The Danish Cancer Society. Jens was super excited about the idea to create a tasty real food alternative to convenience food and asked if he could become a part of the company.

Together we all agreed:

  • We only use natural ingredients
  • We do not add sugar
  • Our products are plant-based only
  • Our real foods are vegan

The idea was to produce all our products ourselves from recipes developed by Jens. These would be handmade, bursting with vitamins and minerals from whole food ingredients, and taste deliciously natural like no other meal replacement on the market. Then after one year, and 1000s of fun tastings, Jens finally completed his magic meal replacement range and EatSmart365 was born.

EatSmart365 Founders



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