Personal trainer with a Bachelor in Global Nutrition and Health EatSmart365 is a really good meal and can also used as an alternative to a protein shake. I have a busy work life with clients all day. EatSmart365 is an easy meal that I can drink with a clear conscience and enjoy all the nourishment it gives my body. All their shakes contain a lot of vegan protein, which helps you build muscle. The high amount of fiber from oatmeal stabilizes your blood sugar and improves your digestion. The products from EatSmart365 also contain a lot of important fatty acids from flaxseed and many other ingredients. EatSmart365 tastes completely natural and is without added refined sugar. There is also a small "bite" in the products, which allows you to chew easily while eating your shake. This will help make you feel full for longer. I highly recommend EatSmart365 ❤