We are all Real People and we all deserve Real Food. Yet the food industry continues to include artificial ingredients in many of its pre-prepared foods. These include sweeteners, preservatives, processed ingredients or even GMOs. Meanwhile, our minds and bodies call out for only natural ingredients and whole foods.

Real people need real food from real ingredients, so dump the junk and become a SMART EATER. It’s a tasty, convenient and affordable way to live a healthier life now.


1. Real food – What is it?

We believe real food means whole foods and natural ingredients. We never use artificial ingredients, preservatives or GMOs as these are not real food. All processed content is kept to an absolute minimum to provide you with the very best food possible.

2. Why Plant-Based foods only?

Plant-based foods are superfoods, packed with vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients. As well as being great for you, plant-based foods are also great for the planet. Research has shown that reducing meat in your diet is good for your health, saves water and reduces CO2. 

3. Why no supplements?

We are in no way against supplementing, but we do believe vitamins and minerals should come from naturals foods. Other meal replacements contain synthetically produced vitamins and minerals which are absorbed differently and do not contain other nonessential but beneficial nutrients including carotenoids, flavonoids, minerals and antioxidants. For Real Food, there are no shortcuts in quality, taste or price.

4. How come they taste so good?

Our nutritional philosophy is that real food products also need to taste great. Our chef has given equal priority to whole food ingredients and taste, creating products that taste so good you simply won’t want to go back to old and bad habits.

Our mission

EatSmart365 makes healthy and tasty real food. Affordable, convenient, and easy to prepare. Enjoy!