Elite kayaker on the Danish national team and students
"My name is Gustav and I am 18 years old. I am an elite kayaker on the Danish national team. In addition, I go to 3rd G at Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium. I train several times each day and need an incredible amount of calories.I drink EatSmart365 because I often need some extra meals during the day, and here it is super easy and fast to consume up to 450 calories in one shake.As a bonus there is also several different fresh and authentic flavors that make it easy to get drunk if you are in a hurry.I personally like Sweet Raspberry and if I have time I blend it with a few frozen strawberries.Smooth Chocolate and Cool Coconut are also real good as they have a nice familiar taste.I use EatSmart365 many different times of the day, some mornings, especially in this virtual teaching time, it can be hard to get up early and make breakfast.So I eat EatSmart365.Before training in the afternoon can I go dt find yourself drinking a shake to avoid going too long between the big meals. Where I most often use EatSmart365 is a few hours after dinner. It fills my stomach well so I'm not hungry the next morning. At the same time, it is a good and healthy alternative instead of a sweet dessert. "