Henrik Dalsgaard

Professional Football Player. Brentford F.C. and the Danish National Team

" I use EatSmart365 on a daily basis with a busy fixture list. It´s a good and easy way to get a lot of fibres, minerales and carbohydrates after a game. With two games per week, recovery is a very important element for a professional athlet. For that reason I use EatSmart365 to get the perfect plantbased meal to help me recover!"


Personal trainer/Bachelor in global nutrition and health

"EatSmart365 is a really good meal and can also be used as an alternative to a protein shake. I have a busy working life with clients all the time. EatSmart365 is an easy meal, which I can drink with a clean conscience and enjoy all the nutrients I give my body.

The shakes provide a lot of vegan protein, which helps you build muscle. The high amount of fiber from oatmeal stabilises your blood sugar and improves your digestion. EatSmart365 products also contain lots of essential fatty acids from flaxseeds and other ingredients.

The taste of EatSmart365 is perfectly natural and with no refined sugar. There is also a little “bite” in the products, which allows you to lightly chew while you consume the shakes. This helps makes you feel fuller for a longer time.“

I highly recommend EatSmart365 ❤


Marcus Ingvartsen

Professional Football Player. Union Berlin, 1. Bundesliga  

"I use EatSmart365 on a daily basis. It gives me all I need in a healthy easy meal. In the morning I shake one for breakfast and sometimes I use it in a smoothie. I train everyday and know how important good nutrition is for my body. EatSmart365 gives me the perfect nutrition after my training in order to recover as fast as possible. I can for sure recommend eating EatSmart365 on a daily basis and I know it will make a difference."